Best Health Physiotherapy

Best Health Physiotherapy for Injuries: ConnectTherapy

Are you searching for the best health physiotherapy you can find? Maybe your doctor suggested that the best health physio will help you avoid reinjuring a muscle, joint, or bone fracture. A physiotherapist is a licensed clinician who studies body movement to pinpoint an injury's root cause.

Do you have an injury or suffer from chronic pain? Maybe it affects your day-to-day life. The best health physio could help. People who have had hip or knee replacement surgery, injure their muscles and ligaments, and people with other medical conditions can benefit from treatment with a physiotherapist. Best health physiotherapy can relieve pain and helps prevent injuries, as well.

Many Physiotherapists agree that using ConnectTherapy is the best health physiotherapy model. One reason ConnectTherapy is the best health physio is because of the whole body, patient-centred approach. Its scientific approach with a foundation in neurophysiology provides the framework to assess specific regions in the body. The physiotherapist can then treat the source or driver, the specific region that influences movement.

The best health physiotherapy begins with an assessment to identify pain drivers that decrease performance and cause fatigue, among other conditions. At Energy In Motion Physiotherapy, we take a whole-body approach, using ConnectTherapy. We work with a variety of patients, children to seniors to provide the best health physio to help you thrive.

Maybe you feel stiff from sitting in front of the computer all day. You can start physiotherapy at home with our desk movement exercises. The best health physio is one that you can work into your daily routine to get you moving again. Are you searching for the best health physiotherapy? You can book an appointment online at Energy In Motion Physiotherapy today.