Kundalini Yoga Meditation


Understanding the physiology of the heart & lungs, allows physiotherapists to prescribe safe and effective exercise programs to improve cardiorespiratory function.




Physiotherapists work with clients to improve their cardiovascular endurance in a safe and controlled environment.


Understanding cardiac rehab enables Physiotherapists to pace a program for low - moderate - high intensity based on the individuals needs.


They work with individuals with a history of cardiac injuries, everyday warriors, and elite athletes to help them enhance their health.


Combining good breath practices with cardiovascular fitness creates even bigger gains!​

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 Breathing. It is an automated process that we cannot live without. But did you know that we can enhance the function of our entire health, reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve our athletic performance by improving the QUALITY of our breathing?


Breathing practices aren’t just for those people with bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. or Long Covid. They are beneficial for the entire population. Research shows time and time again, that as a collective population, we have adopted a very poor quality of breathing (and many side effects)! 


Our physiotherapists have been diving into the research for years, learning how to best optimise breath practices to enhance our respiratory capacity and reap the benefits!  

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