Attention valued clients: 

From March 23, 2020, all face-to-face Physiotherapy consultations will be temporarily replaced with Online "Telehealth" Consultations to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Please understand that we are taking these measures for your safety and the health of our community. 



Energy In Motion Physio is committed to upholding a

high standard of health & well-being amongst our community.

From March 23, all of our Physiotherapy Consults will be conducted via Telehealth until further notice. We are replacing face-to-face consultations with Online Consultations to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus throughout out community. Please understand, we are taking these measures to protect your safety. 

An integral part of every physiotherapist - client interaction is education to help you better understand, self assess and self manage your body. This is already a part of your program, and is the most ESSENTIAL part of everything we do together, to allow you to take control over your long term health. 

This is the focus with Telehealth. 

Through our virtual interactions, you will learn new techniques and tips to help yourself. Skills such as 
- self assessment
- self treatments 
- stretches 
- movement modification, and 
- exercises to support your body

To understand is to EMPOWER yourself. It is the MOST IMPORTANT skill we can each hold; to understand the signs in our body and how to respond in a way that supports our function. 

Our online Telehealth consults are held via a platform called Zoom. Prior to your appointment, it is necssary to download the "Zoom" app on your smart phone or computer. Upon booking your appointment, you will receive a link via email which you can click on moments before our consultation. It can be used on most smart phones, or computers with webcam. It is necessary to enable video and sound for these consults on your phone/computer. Where possible, I encourage individuals to use their computer so that you can be more hands-free during our session. 
Telehealth Consults are 1 hour in length, at a discounted rate of $100. 




Payments for Online Telehealth consults are made at the time of booking. In the instance, that you need to cancel more than 24 hours out from your appointment time, a refund can be applied. 

At this time, Telehealth Consults are not claimable through private health insurers - we will update you when this changes. 

Please understand, that we are taking these measures to convert to Telehealth services temporarily, throughout these times, for your safety, and the health of our community. This is a great opportunity to understand your body and tackle your health from a different perspective.

Virtual Physio Fitness Classes are also available during this time.