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with our Physiotherapist-led Group Exercise Classes.

Restore movement, flexibility and strength, while reducing stress, tension and pain in your body. 

Our classes are designed to educate you and give you the movement nutrients you need to live with a more optimal level of of health and vitality. These classes will challenge what you thought you could achieve, and push past these barriers in a safe and supportive environment. 

Would you like to improve your mobility, fitness and strength in a safe and friendly environment?

Our Group Classes are designed for you. Each class has no more then 5 people and has been specifically planned by our Physiotherapist for those booked into the class. 

On any given day, the goals of those booked into the class may vary between running performance, hip rehab, general locomotion, pregnancy pilates, spinal surgery rehab, vestibular migraine, strengthening for osteoporosis (and more!). 

We construct a class that is suited for those attending, based on principles of Physiotherapy & rehab, clinical pilates, ground-based movement, ConnectTherapy, natural movement patterns, mobility, strength and conditioning, yoga, pregnancy/ pre & post-natal care and more. Our Physiotherapist, Elizabeth Fong (formerly Elizabeth Ciranni) combines her 10+ years of experience to offer a safe place to challenge your body to move better. 

We cater for all levels of movers. 

We can take someone from the couch, the sporting field, or the olympic podium and support them to better movement, health and vitality. 


Our Group Exercise Classes are run in Kurrawa Park Broadbeach, for the added benefits that the Great Outdoors has to offer. The cost of class is $35pp. Private health rebates are available. Bookings are essential for all classes. 

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