Declutter your Mind

Feeling overwhelmed?

These are some of our go-to methods to quieten the mind

1. Prioritise.

What is most important RIGHT NOW? Whether it relates to your health, or getting a job done. There will be ONE thing, that is MOST important, right now. Just do that.

2. Schedule it in.

Often, when we try and pick our "one" thing, we in fact think of way more. And that's ok. Write them all down so you don't forget, then look over the list again and SCHEDULE them in on a day, and at a particular time, ensuring you give yourself adequate time to complete the task.

3. Reward to RESTORE.

Give back to yourself by doing something restorative. Take yourself out for a walk, see the sunshine, talk to a friend on the phone, eat something nourishing, take a long hot bath, sleep... give back to yourself, RESTORATIVELY.

Please note, society conventions of binge drinking and eating are not restorative. These "treats" may feel good in the moment, but the short and long term effect is inflammation in the body, which is only going to add yet another "tab" to the body, to detoxify from all it has consumed.

Think outside the box.

"Treat" yourself in a way that has a POSITIVE knock-on effect in your body.

Look after yourself and have a great week! With Health & Happiness, Energy In Motion Physiotherapy

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