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At Energy In Motion Physio, our goal is supporting your journey of health & physical wellness. We understand that health is multi-faceted, and as such, deserves a holistic, comprehensive and individualised approach to target your needs.


Our Physiotherapy approach considers, all of you. We undertake a full body movement assessment to understand how your whole body interacts. Combine this with a detailed history, your goals and current barriers, perhaps a chat about how your hormones and food intake may be influencing your physical body, and from here, we are able to devise a step-by-step treatment plan to help you feel your BEST!


Our Physiotherapists are trained in a whole body approach called ConnectTherapy. This approach is unique to any other practice on the Gold Coast. This approach has completely revolutionised the way our Physios practice and we are so grateful to have this skillset to offer our community.


Energy In Motion Physio is here for our community. From all walks of life, and all ages, our primary goal is to help you thrive and feel your absolute best.


Our Techniques


Private Initials & Follow ups are billed by time.

1 hour: $162​

45 minutes: $130​

30 minutes: $96.20


Fees vary depending on Insurer. 

The insurer will cover the cost of your Physiotherapy once your claim has been approved. 


1 hour consultation $120



The Great Outdoors has so much to offer when it comes to our health – fresh air, sunshine, vitamin D and space to explore. For this reason, we offer our Physio Group Classes OUTDOORS!


Our Group Physio is held outdoors in the beautiful Kurrawa Park in Broadbeach. This is a small class atmosphere (maximum 4 people), where our Physiotherapist has designed a class specifically for your needs. 


Our Physiotherapists use their clinical knowledge base in Physiotherapy injury management, Movement, Mobility, Clinical Pilates, Ground-based & Functional Movement, Stretching, Flexibility, & Cardiovascular Training to design a program which will suit your individual needs. Bookings are essential. 


We have a range of classes on offer to support people from all walks of life. 


Our Morning classes are our higher intensity classes for individuals who are already active but would like physiotherapy guidance for safe practices to support their body. 


Our afternoon classes are lighter intensity classes for individuals who believe they are “allergic to exercise”, lacking mobility or looking to get into some regular movement practices which support their body. Our afternoon classes are also available as a virtual class for the non-Gold Coasters who would like to join us. 


The cost of all classes is $35 - Private health rebates are available. 






Mobility & Restoration

(Available Online) 






Mobility & Restoration 

(Available Online)








Mobility & restoration



This is our low impact, high intensity class. This is for our community members looking to challenge their strength, mobility & fitness in a safe environment with high intensity.


We LOVE to run, and take pride in helping others run WELL. Runners club is about learning how to support your body to run – short or long distance, fast or slow, every day runner or casual cruiser. This class is about running efficiency & longevity. Our passion is helping you run WELL, to keep you in the sport of running, and help you achieve your health & fitness goals.


The basis of this class is improving mobility throughout your entire body – moving with greater ease, improving the movement at your joints, improving your flexibility and teaching your body new and varied ways to move to keep you agile and limber throughout your years.




We are passionate about sharing a very important message - Health & Physical Wellness is achievable for Everyone!


Our Physiotherapists are available to deliver educational & interactive workshops on a variety of topics. Workshops related to healthy living, workplace ergonomics, running, sports performance, appropriate warm ups & recovery, enhancing physical health, and classroom health are just some of the topics we have covered. 


We are available to present at your school, workplace, sports team or any other facility where you would like to enhance the physical wellness of your community. All of our workshops are tailored to the requests we receive, and the community we are serving.



Our community loves to get together for outdoor events & adventures. Keep an eye on this page as we have new events popping up each month.

Burleigh National Park

Saturday July 25, 6.30am

Wake up with Energy In Motion!

Join us for a barefoot walk through Burleigh Headland next Saturday July 25, followed by a movement & mobility session. 

Barefootedness is optional but you are most welcome to join in as we dirty our paws and feel the earty & sand between our toes! if you're new to barefootedness, you might choose to expose your footsies for only a little - the choice is yours. 

Our movement session is all about optimising function and having fun. Be prepared to embrace your inner child, try new things and challenge your body to moving in new ways. 


Family Fun Day


Bring the Whole Gang along for a morning of family fun through movement, play and the great outdoors! 

Numbers/ Families limited - Bookings Essential

Suitable for School aged children and above.

$15 per person