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Young Mothers Staying Fit

We provide women with education, treatment and self management strategies to support their health across the lifespan. 


Working with women, it is important to consider that they have a unique 28 day feminine cycle which influences how they train and recover, and how they build strength and endurance. Our physiotherapists recognise this and can tailor their physiotherapy program to meeting their varying needs. ​​


Girls who haven’t yet begun menstruating, and women post-menopausal have different training requirements again.


Ask your physiotherapist how to best support your health, training and 28-day cycle at your next appointment. 

Pregnancy & Post Natal Care

Understanding the demands of pregnancy, child birth and beyond, allows our Senior Physiotherapist, Elizabeth Fong (formerly Elizabeth Ciranni), to educate and support mums through this important phase. 


  • How to carry their posture to help them feel the best during their pregnancy. This includes strengthening, mobility, stretching and pelvic floor training.

  • Safe cardiovascular training throughout pregnancy to enhance overall health, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and improve mums fitness and stamina for child birth. 

  • As the labour date nears, physiotherapists can show you how to improve your hip mobility for a smoother delivery and they can also provide massage of acupressure points to induce labour when it's safe to do so. 

  • Post-partum, physiotherapists can guide you on safe pelvic health practices including pelvic floor exercises toileting, sexual activity, and a safe return to exercise program.

  • Treatment of any pregnancy and post partum related pain such as pelvic girdle pain, sciatic and low back, pubic symphysis diastasis, upper back pain, headaches and carpal tunnel.

  • Physiotherapist Elizabeth Fong guides Physio Group Exercise Classes. This is also a great option for women pre- and post-natal to exercise in a safe and social environment. 

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