Date: March 7, 2020

Duration - minimum 90 mins

Beachside @ Mermaid Beach

We are passionate about sharing the latest research to support healthy living, and prevent injury or disease.

 Our previous workshops have explored:

  • Supported posture & movement,

  • Sitting and desk implications,

  • Foot foundations, 

  • Stretching and easy daily movement sequences,

  • Sleep,

  • Nutrition and the use of nutritional supplments,

  • Breathing well,

  • Exercise Recovery

  • Stress Management, and

  • Strategies to support environmental stressors.

Note: Content varies relating to current research and the target audience. 

$35 pp or bring a friend for $30 each



Did you know that we individually tailor workshops specifically for workplaces, schools or sporting teams? 

Content may include:

  • Healthy daily practices, including movement and posture

  • Sports performance

  • Injury prevention

  • Team building

  • Fueling your body for optimal performance

  • Cognitive performance

  • Mental health support

We are passionate about promoting HEALTH and injury prevention.


Our workshops are designed to EDUCATE individuals to UNDERSTAND their body.  These simple daily habits can contribute to a

healthier self for life. 

Scrambled Legs

Runners Workshop series


Are you looking to get into running? Maybe you've had some time off, or are returning after pregnancy or injury? Maybe you've signed yourself up for your first fun run, or an event in the GC Marathon. Maybe you're just interested in running for fitness, but worried about the impact of running on your body? We've got you covered!


Join us for a fun, active morning of movement and education!

Our Runners Workshops Series covers the foundational aspects for running:


Workshop 1:

Mobility & Strength for Runners

February 29, 2020

  • Preparing the body to have adequate mobility to run

  • Functional strength training specifically for runners performance, speed and power

  • Recommended exercise program to accompany your running regime

  • Cross training 

Workshop 2:

Technique, Running drills & footwear

April 19, 2020

  • Running drills

  • Analysis of running style and suitable changes to implement into your running routine

  • Discussion around foot health related to running – choosing the right shoes for your running style and how to keep your feet happy

Workshop 3:

Recovery & Refueling

May 30, 2020

  • Tips to help your body recover quicker after a race 

  • Fueling and Refueling - giving your body the right nutrients to support your running performance

Time: 7am-9am

Location: Kurrawa Park


This skills acquisition workshop is the perfect accompaniment to our

Scrambled Legs Runners Club held on Wednesday afternoons at 5.30pm.

Term 1: January 8- Feb 12. Term 2: March 4 - April 8.  Term 3: April 15 - May 20.

Bookings for Runners Club available here under Group Sessions.