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Leg Injury


Our physiotherapist’s support clients who are rehabilitating from a wide range of post-operative surgeries. This can include but is not limited to

  • HIP REPLACEMENT AND RECONSTRUCTION - Total hip replacements, labrum damage, and tendon degeneration

  • SHOULDER RECONSTRUCTION - rotator cuff repairs, labrum and SLAP lesions, fractured collarbones and ACJs

  • KNEE REPLACEMENTS AND RECONSTRUCTIONS - ACL & meniscal injuries, total knee replacements and arthroscopies

  • SPINAL SURGERIES - discectomies, spinal fusions, nerve blocks 

  • ANKLE AND FOOT REPAIRS - broken bones, tendon and ligament repairs, joint syndesmosis injuries, bunions, Morton neuromas, lisfranc fractures

They work closely with your treating Orthopaedic Surgeon to understand the requirements for healing, and begin you on an active treatment plan to rebuild your mobility, strength and capacity to improve your function. 

Post-operative rehabilitation extends beyond the site of surgery. It is about understanding the needs of the body to move dynamically (from head to toe), and improving the ease and quality of movement throughout the entire body. 

Senior Physiotherapy
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