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Elementary Classroom


with a physiotherapist-run educational and interactive workshop tailored to your environment!

Whether it be a family, sports team, workplace, or class-room environment, our Physio's are passionate to prevent injury and enhance health and well-being on a community level.


We have worked with some of the Gold Coasts most prestigious businesses to create enhanced health & safety strategies for the workplace in fun and interactive sessions. 

In sporting and school environments, our emphasis is on performance boosting and injury prevention. Engaging adults, children and athletes to care for their bodies daily by instilling fun habits, games or warm up/cool down routines into their regime. 

Why wait until you are injured to seek our physiotherapy? Why ignore the recurrent sick days of staff who are burnt out and in pain? 


Get ahead, and book a physiotherapy-led workshop today! Every workshop is constructed in consultation with you, your team and your goals in mind. We are here for all of you. 


Let's change the status quo and work to prevent injury, enhance physical, mental and emotional wellness and care for our broader community!



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Sports Teams

We run group-screening sessions for sporting teams including soccer, netball, touch, rugby and more. This enables us to identify potential injury risk and devise a team plan with suitable corrective exercises which will enhance their whole body movement patterns, enhance performance and reduce injury risk. 


Workplaces have been notorious for injuries over the years - some of these occurring from physical labour, some from prolonged desk work. Workplace screening involves identifying the potential injury hazards, educating the workers, and implementing positive habits to enhance their health. 

Schools & Classroom

Children spend most of their time at school.  School workshops are designed to help teachers instigate healthier habits for all in the classroom. With dynamic seating options, dynamic learning activities, appropriate footwear options and education. Our goal is to make health in the classroom, as habitual as brushing your teeth. 

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