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A Physiotherapist focuses on the prevention, assessment and treatment of injuries to bones, muscles, joints and nerves. They use hand-on techniques, education and individualised exercise programs to promote healing, reduce stiffness, restore pain and optimise function. 

At Energy In Motion Physio, our goal is supporting your journey of health & physical wellness. We understand that health is multi-faceted, and as such, deserves a holistic, comprehensive and individualised approach to target your needs.


Our Physiotherapy approach considers, all of you. We undertake a full body movement assessment to understand how your whole body interacts. Combine this with a detailed history, your goals and current barriers, perhaps a chat about how your hormones and food intake may be influencing your physical body, and from here, we are able to devise a step-by-step treatment plan to help you feel your BEST!


Our Physiotherapists are trained in a whole body approach called ConnectTherapy. This approach is unique to any other practice on the Gold Coast. This approach has completely revolutionised the way our Physios practice and we are so grateful to have this skillset to offer our community.


Energy In Motion Physio is here for our community. From all walks of life, and all ages, our primary goal is to help you thrive and feel your absolute best.

Energy In Motion Physiotherapy is located in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast.

ConnectTherapy - Retraining motor habits

Treating an area of dysfunction identified in the whole body assessment

Educating the client & retraining the motor patterns of the dysfunctional area for long lasting changes


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