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Image by Benjamin Davies

Elizabeth Fong
formerly Elizabeth Ciranni



Liz has been working professionally in the health industry for 15 years and has been a practising physiotherapist since 2012. 


Liz has always had a strong passion to help others better understand their bodies and minds, and improve their health across the board. While Liz's expertise lies in the arena of movement, her interests and knowledge-base extend beyond this due to her continued learnings in nutrition, breath work, sleep habits, emotional health, the female cycle and more. Through her own health challenges, Liz has learnt the importance of balancing the system as a whole, and as such takes great pride and pleasure in supporting others on their own individual journeys.


In her spare time, Liz enjoys playing outdoors - at the beach, surfing, hiking, tennis, slack-lining, or playing with new movement combinations that challenge her body in new and wonderful ways!

It's these hobbies which led us at EIMP to offer Active Day Out adventures and Group Exercises Classes at Kurrawa Park! 

The most important member of our team is you and your commitment to your health and movement journey. We cannot do what we do without you. 

Physiotherapy is an amazing tool to enhance your movement journey and healthy lifestyle. We understand human body movement and personalise your physio plan to your body, lifestyle and goals. 

We need you to be an active member of the team. Your physiotherapist will conduct assessments and hands-on therapy to help your body move better. Most importantly, they will pass their knowledge and findings onto you so that YOU can understand how your body moves. 


The more involved you are in your physio's recommendations to integrate new movement behaviours into your lifestyle, the larger the change that you will see in your body and overall health.

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