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Are you ready to create pathways towards a healthier lifestyle?


This is more then just a 12 month diary, it is a toolbox full of useful health and wellness resources you can use for life! 


It is about understanding your body better, so that you can make informed decisions about how to best support your health. Each month, there is a new topic to learn and integrate, and you are encouraged to integrate what you learn into your lifestyle through the use of a habit tracker. There are plenty of different ideas each month, so choose what resonates with you, and make a go of it. 


An important aspect of behaviour change is making a plan, being accountable and reflecting on your challenges and wins. For this reason, we have plenty of space each month for goal setting and reflecting. 


Throughout the year, if you get sidetracked by life, refer back to the habits you dropped and pick them up again. It doesn't matter if they were "last months focus", you have the education and the tools to implement them now. This is why we wrote a planner, and not a book. We want you to commit to yourself for 12 months, and keep having your own back to implement healthier habits into your lifestyle. It doesn't matter whether it's March, July or September and you are just getting started - if you have the Planner, you have plenty of tools in your kit to improve your health!


Are you ready to step up your health?


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2023 Health Planner

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  • The Health Planner is designed and compiled by Energy In Motion Physiotherapy Pty Ltd. 

    • Size A5.  
    • 226 pages in full-colour
    • Monthly spread, monthly goals, weekly spreads, a healthy habits tracker and monthly reflections/gratitude. 
    • Beautiful anatomical art pieces are featured throughout the planner, from artist Dr Lauren Squires. 
    • 100% Australian made on the Gold Coast, Australia
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